Los elementos que debe tener un consultorio médico

Los consultorios médicos son establecimientos bastante interesantes, si has invertido en un centro de salud, sabrás que estás generando ingresos y empleos prestando un servicio humanitario, que es diagnosticar y tratar las patologías que las personas pueden presentar, a su READ MORE

The most popular medical and dental procedures

Although medical and dental procedures are extremely necessary, there are two that are the most popular in Mexico, so much that foreigners even travel to the country to perform these procedures. Orthodontics, the most requested dental procedure! Undoubtedly cosmetic dental READ MORE

Have You Ever Heard Of Bite Types?

Well, the bone structure is one of the most important supports of the human body, where the teeth are located and everything that encompasses the oral cavity. When there is an alteration in this area that can affect the masticatory READ MORE

Learn about the different types of scars

The healing process can be different for everyone, as well as why these elements appeared on the skin, but they are usually associated with falls, burns, or some surgical procedure. To try to achieve scar removal, it is necessary to READ MORE