As we age, the body generates certain changes that affect our quality of life, aging is not only shown in the skin, but it affects all cells, Tissues, organs and functional systems of the body, this includes the teeth and gums.

Oral health has always been a topic that has been handled a lot in general medicine and that has been tried to maintain from prevention, generating in the youngest education and awareness programs focused on the adoption of effective oral care habits so that at adulthood, they can keep their teeth completely.

However, you cannot neglect the care of the teeth in older adults, who already have certain oral health problems that directly affect their diet and of course, their quality of life.

Senior care in Mexico and oral health

The care of the elderly in Mexico is very important to help them maintain a better quality of life and their oral health is one of the aspects that most affect their health in general, since the loss of their teeth make older people unable to chew properly and therefore do not acquire the nutrients that food offers when ingesting them.

On the other hand, the consumption of certain medications to treat chronic diseases have certain contraindications that affect the oral health of the elderly, for example; dry mouth. Saliva is very important to protect teeth from decay, and to maintain healthier gums, when saliva is not correctly generated, it generates:

  • Problems for proper tasting, chewing and eating, which will affect the appetite of these people.
  • Annoying mouth ulcers that do not allow you to eat food comfortably.
  • Infections in the mouth due to the formation of fungi, this is known as candidiasis.

Endodontic treatments in Tijuana for older adults

Endodontics is a treatment that can be performed in any patient without restrictions, even due to age, but some indications and contraindications should always be kept in mind, depending on the patient, since the teeth undergo physiological modifications that can affect root canal in Tijuana.

Endodontics refers to root canal treatment, that is, a procedure that is performed inside the tooth to clean the tooth deeply, through the removal of the dental pulp, to fill and seal the cavity. Thus eliminating the infected and damaged tissue to replace them with another type of material.

To perform this endodontic treatment in older adults, certain care must be taken, such as a careful review of the patient’s medical history to determine that the medications he takes cannot interfere with the treatment in a negative way.

Review of the pulp status of the tooth, since as people advance in age the size of the canal becomes smaller, which is why a good previous diagnosis is necessary.