The most popular medical and dental procedures

Although medical and dental procedures are extremely necessary, there are two that are the most popular in Mexico, so much that foreigners even travel to the country to perform these procedures.

Orthodontics, the most requested dental procedure!

Undoubtedly cosmetic dental procedures are the most requested and among them implants and everything that has to do with orthodontics.

This is a procedure that corrects alterations in the development of the teeth, the shape of the dental arches as well as the position of the jaws, in order to restore both dental displacement and everything that has to do with functional disorders of the chewing, and even the presentation of the face, because when correcting the teeth, the space of the lips and cheeks is changed a little.

These braces can be functional, like all removable braces that can alter the position of muscle groups on the jaw. These can be removed and cleaned by the patient, but an orthodontist in Tijuana, a city ​​famous for having excellent dentists, will always recommend that you remove these devices only to perform the corresponding cleaning.

There are also fixed orthodontic appliances, the Brackets, which are the most used now for the correction of the smile, there are metallic and transparent ones, which from 6 months to a year leave perfect teeth. 

Cosmetic Surgeries… the most requested in Mexico

Cosmetic surgeries are extremely popular. At first, they were more requested by women, but now men are also using these surgeries to look better. 

Abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, breast reduction or lifting, gynecomastia liposuction, and many more procedures are used for people who want to improve their body to look more attractive. 

Plastic surgery in Tijuana is one of the most used by people all over the world for the high quality of its procedures, because they are less invasive and have a much faster recovery, in addition to being able to use vacations to carry out these procedures, and get home totally changed!

The most concerned about this type of surgery are young mothers, especially after multiple births. Plastic surgeons are really professionals because they have a whole range of operations that can be used to achieve the aesthetic that people want. 

Combining cosmetic surgery with a dental procedure can rejuvenate a person up to 15 years, which is really wonderful. Imagine going on vacation to Tijuana, and then come home with less weight, everything in its place and, in addition, a really perfect smile. 

Well, that is what happens every day with more people who travel to Tijuana to achieve the aesthetics they want, because, in addition to the fact that the procedures are highly professional, they do not have an unattainable cost. 

The price of cosmetic surgeries in Tijuana is up to 30% below what they normally cost in another country.